MPO Launches 2045 Study, Community Involvement Key to Study Success

The Martin Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is developing the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), called Martin in Motion, serves as a blueprint on how federal, state and local transportation funds may be spent to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of getting around in Martin County. Martin in Motion is a collaborative effort involving the entire community – residents, businesses and visitors from all corners of the county.

The project website,,  has been designed to inform and provide links to studies and information used as part of the LRTP development process and to be interactive – this is your plan.

Participate and give us your feedback. Our mobility depends on a vibrant, successful transportation system.

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Beginning this fall, the MPO will hold a series of four open houses and one public hearing to  collect input from residents and visitors on how the transportation network for the future can evolve. The open houses and visioning sessions will be held in various parts of Martin County to ensure all residents have an opportunity to participate. Learn about the dates or the events on our calendar.

Get involved and help keep Martin in Motion.